Exercises For Week 2

The following workout is designed to follow Workouts for Men Over 40- Exercise Guide – Week 1.

If you didn’t start there, I advise you to start with Week 1, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

You could do this set of exercises as a separate workout.  Whatever suits you is fine.  Just do one.

Here are the basics for every week:


**Good Form – This is probably the most important rule.  You need to understand how important this is.  Your success in gaining muscle and not injuring yourself is tied to how well you perform each exercise.

**Do Not Rest more than a minute (60sec.) to a minute and a half (90 sec.) between each set.

**Do Not Rest more than two minutes between each exercise.

**Ask For Help from a fellow gym goer if you need a spot or you want clarification about an exercise that you’re doing.  Everyone is happy to help you. You might even find a trainer to help you  🙂

**Concentrate on the muscles that you are working out. Think about the actual muscle you’re working and make sure what you’re doing is putting stress on that muscle or muscle group. Feel your muscles as you’re working them.

**Don’t Do Less than is required by your workout schedule. This will require mental dedication. It’s mostly mental……all of this.


The Triangle Technique is a technique that I have developed over the years as I’ve tried different exercises to get in better shape and to get bigger and stronger. This is what works for hard-to-gain guys, like me.

Easy-to-gain guys can do almost anything and gain muscle.  Those of us with more challenging body types have to use methods that break through the normal advice of gym trainers and muscle magazines.

Get the details here (link coming soon), but for now, the basics are as follows:


Progressively Lighter Weight

This is a technique that I have used that works for me and will most likely work for you.

It uses a different weight for every repetition and starts with a heavier weight and works down to a lighter weight.

For instance, if you were going to do a set of barbell bicep arm curls, you might start with 30 lbs. for the first set.  Then for the second set, you’d take 5 lbs off and do the curl with 25 lbs.  Then for the third and final set, you’d take off another 5 lbs and do a set with 20 lbs.


More Exercises, Fewer Repetitions

I believe that the more variety you give your muscles, the better they respond to growth.

Based on this principle, The Triangle Technique, you will have you do more exercises and only three sets of each exercise.

Most exercise programs will have you do four (4) to six (6) sets of each exercise.  I find that the more variety your muscles get, the stronger and bigger they get.


Go to Failure with Each Exercise

Many exercise routines will not ask you to go to failure, for fear that you will injure yourself, and especially us guys over 40.

This is bad advice.  If you want to add muscle, with all the associated benefits, you’re gonna have to push yourself to failure, or almost failure with every exercise.

The weight doesn’t matter so much, but the ideal is to pick a beginning weight that will allow you to do 6 to 8 repetitions for the first set.  Remember, we’re gonna reduce the weight for the second and third set, so the beginning weight will be your heaviest weight.

Because we’re reducing the weight for each set, you should be able to do the same number of repetitions for each set.

All of your workouts will be using The Triangle Technique.


This is a continuation of the Workouts for Men Over 40 – Exercise Guide.

WEEK 2 –  Workout Day 1 – Upper Body

  • Exercise 1 – Back – Pulldown

    The lat pulldown is a basic upper body strength exercise that targets the upper back. The exercise also improves stability in the lower back and your core.

Exercise 2 – Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the most effective exercises for developing overall strength. It’s a full-body exercise that recruits a lot of your muscles.

It’s shown here being done on a Smith machine, but you can also do it without the guidance of the Smith machine.

You can also do it with a barbell or with dumbbells.


Exercise 3 – Chest – Incline Bench Press

Sit on an incline bench at about a 30-45 degree angle.

Use a barbell with an overhand grip that’s shoulder-width apart and hold it above your chest.

Extend arms upward, locking out your elbows.

Lower the bar straight down in a slow movement to your chest.

Then press the bar in a straight line back up to the starting position

Exercise 4 – Arms – Close Grip Barbell Curls

Hold a barbell with both hands, palms up with your hands a few inches apart.

Curl the bar up until the forearms touch your biceps. and contract your biceps hard for a second at the top.

Slowly go back down to the starting position as you inhale.

  • Exercise 5 – Arms – Triceps

    Triceps press machines come in standing and seated variations. In the standing version, you place your body behind a cable machine with a high attachment rope.Grasp the attachment with an overhand grip and keep your elbows close to your body.Push down by extending and bending the elbows.Seated version of the machine (shown) is very similar but has a bar that you grab and push down until your arms are fully extended.


WEEK 2 –  Workout Day 2 – Lower Body

  • Exercise 1 – Squat


  • Exercise 2 – Lying Leg Curl

Lying leg curls are the top exercise for directly working the hamstrings – the muscles on the back of your thighs.

Lie down on the leg curl machine with your face towards the machine.

Fix your feet under the footpad resting the pad over your ankles.  Do not arch your spine.

Now curl your legs upwards by bending your knees such that your hamstrings are fully contracted.

Hold there in this position for a count of one.

Slowly return to the starting position.


  • Exercise 3 – Standing Calf Raise

Adjust the padded lever of the calf-raise machine to fit your height.

Place your shoulders under the pads. Your toes should be secured on the lower pad with your heels extending off it.

Raise your heels by extending your ankles as high as possible and flexing your calf. Don’t lock your knees at the top.

You shouldn’t bend, just stand up to stretch your calves. Hold the contracted position for a second before you start to go back down.

Go back slowly to the starting position by lowering your heels as you bend the ankles until your calves are stretched.


  • Exercise 4 – Leg Extensions

First, choose your weight and sit on the machine with your legs under the pad with your hands holding the side bars.

Make sure that your legs form a 90-degree angle between the lower and upper leg.

Using your quadriceps, extend your legs to the maximum.

Pause a second in the contracted position.

Slowly lower the weight back to the original position, making sure that you do not go past the 90-degree angle limit.

  • WEEK 2-  Workout Day 3 – Upper Body

During Week 2, you are going to repeat Day 1 routine on Day 3.

Exact same workout as you did on Day 1

WEEK 2 –  Workout Day 4 – Lower Body

During Week 2 your Day 4 is going to be the same as Day 2 routine.

During this week, you’re going to workout 4 days instead of 3, so that means a Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday schedule. OR a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday schedule.




You’ve now done two weeks of a four (4) week program.

What I might suggest is that you do two (2) weeks of this program.  I made the same suggestion for Week 1.

It won’t hurt, and it might be good to repeat the same week.  It might be better than learning an entirely new set of exercises for Week 3.

If you’re ready for Week 3, go to this link. – Workouts for Men Over 40 – Exercise Guide – Week 3 (link coming soon)

See you at the gym

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I've been a fitness enthusiast for many years and want to encourage guys over 40 to get and stay in shape. It makes life better, and makes you look and feel better.

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  1. Excellent information contained in here for someone wanting to remain or become fit. Lots of details and suggestions. Well done “W”.

    John ツ

    1. thanks John, I appreciate the comment.
      I try hard to give folks information that can be helpful and useful.
      What’s hard is getting folks motivated.
      thanks again.

  2. This is truly a well done article. I am not a workout expert (and haven’t lifted weights in a very long time) but from reading your article, the workouts definitely seem reasonable and efficient. I think any 40+ year old guys that really stick to this workout consistently will see wonderful results & feel simply awesome. I have a dad who’s 60 and I think this would be excellent for him. Thanks!

    1. Ariel,

      Thanks for the comments.
      I think your dad would enjoy using this guide. Show it to him.

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