Sometimes you wonder why you’re not getting the muscle gains that you think you should be getting.  It could be something you’ve never thought of…….something you’re doing that never would have occurred to you that would impair your advancements.

Here are four (4) videos from the best online trainers that may help you identify what you’re doing that you should NOT be doing.



Here is one of my all-time favorite online dudes who details the 10 worst mistakes that you make when working out and trying to get fit and buff.  He’s a little heavy on the selling (the way he makes a living), but he knows his stuff, and you should listen to him and take heed of what he has to say.

Many of the mistakes that he mentions are ones that we’ve talked about before, but they all deserve mentioning again.  If you were to fix all of the 10 fitness mistakes that he mentions, you’d start to see great results from your workouts.




Here is a video from El Eggs and Sven that details some of the finer points that we often don’t consider when we work out.

El and Sven show you what you may be doing wrong and what you need to consider when doing your exercises – whether they be weight training or body weight training.  El and Sven specialize in body weight training so many of the examples that are demonstrated are Sven doing bodyweight training, but these mistakes apply to all exercises.  If you listen to what they say you possibly could look like them – AWESOME.

You’ll see that many of these experts mention the same thing – bad form, which is one of the things we all need to pay more attention to.  Bad form will minimize all your efforts.  Bad form is sometimes a result of trying to impress your fellow gym-goers – lifting more weight than is appropriate for the exercise you’re doing.  It’s easy to fall for that.  We’ve all done it because we all want to impress the guy on the bench next to us.   HINT:  He doesn’t care one twit about what you bench,….. nor does your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or Saturday night date.




This is my favorite YouTube Trainer. He’s knowledgeable and always produces videos that are helpful for learning the ins and outs of training.  He’s one of the best.

In this video (kinda long at 15 minutes) he talks about the eight (8) mistakes he made along the way that you don’t have to make…….if you learn from his mistakes.  Some you’ve heard before and some are a little outdated, as he describes the first one – avoiding fat.

You’ll also hear him advise us to design our exercise routine for our bodies.  We all shouldn’t be doing the same exercises.  We’re all different and should gear our exercises to what we want to achieve and to what works best for us.

One thing he mentions is the use of supplements to overcome bad training.  I’ve been there and so have a lot of you.  Listen to him and don’t over-rely on your supplements.  Use them only as a “supplement” to your diet and training.




Here’s Mike, a well-known expert who obviously knows what he’s doing or he wouldn’t look like he does.

He describes the three (3) most common beginner mistakes in working out.  Unfortunately, most of these are common among guys who are not beginners.  They still haven’t learned.

Listen to Mike and you’ll learn from his mistakes.  He’s got some great advice for everyone, even though beginners make these mistakes more often than more experienced guys.

Mike also mentions the mistake of not designing a workout that works for you.  This seems to be a common mistake mentioned by more than one of our experts.

Most of us have started by copying a buddy who looks terrific or following a workout routine we got on YouTube.  We figure if we do the exercises they suggest, we’ll look like them.  WRONG.  Mike describes why this doesn’t work.




If you are struggling with getting your body to look the way you want, act on some of this advice. These four guys have detailed most of the major mistakes that we all have made at one time or another.

Don’t be in denial (like many of us have been) and continue to do what you’re doing, if it’s not getting you the results you want.

The advice I always give is to change just a few things at a time.  Wholesale changes never work.  We are creatures of habit, so changing just a few items at a time is all that you should do.  After you discover what works or doesn’t work with those adjustments, then go on to the next suggested change to your diet and workout.

If you’ve got comments about your experience, we’d love to hear it.  Let us know below in the comment section.

See you at the gym.

Published by "W" Tucker

I've been a fitness enthusiast for many years and want to encourage guys over 40 to get and stay in shape. It makes life better, and makes you look and feel better.

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  1. Loving this page. As an ex-personal trainer I have seen so many mistakes that people make and some can be so harmful.
    The colour combinations you use are brilliant, which makes even a black and white photo stand out so well. You have obviously chosen a large target market (40+ year olds) which is really good because these people need the information you are giving them.
    Also, adding video content will keep people at your site for a longer time.
    Well done!

    1. Craig, thanks for the nice comments.  Yes, I’m a guy over 40 so it was easy to chose my audience.  I feel like everyone should stay in shape all their lives, especially as they get older,……so they can enjoy their life.

  2. I love your website, it’s clear and could inspiring me on how to built mine.

    How many article do you make a week ?

    The slide bar with the video and and the way to catch e-mail is a very good idea.

    Hope you making a living now with your blog and i just hope to reach the same goal as you in the futur as i’m new on wealthy affiliate

    1. thanks so much for the nice comments.  I post about 2 articles a week and love doing it.  I’m still relatively new, so I’m doing this for the fun right now. 

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