What Is The Best Cardio For Weight Loss? Get the TRUTH Here

This is what everyone wants to know.

What is the best cardio for weight loss?  What are the exercises I should be doing and what are the ones that are not effective?

Losing body fat and getting into great shape may require at least some cardio activity. The range of aerobic exercises varies greatly – enough to cause confusion for those wanting to lose excess weight to reveal their hard-won muscles.

The question is: What are the best cardio exercises to melt fat?

Is there a perfect way to lose fat through cardiovascular workouts, and if so, what are they?

Cardio activity by its very nature requires fat to be used as a primary fuel source, with carbohydrates and protein being used to a lesser extent. Therefore it is obvious that in order to lose fat,  you will need to do some cardio work.

Here are 4 videos that will discuss the subject and outline some of the best cardio exercises you can do to lose weight.



We’re gonna start with one of my favorite YouTube guys who will answer the burning question of what exercises are the best to lose weight and give you some tips on what to do, and what not to do.




This next video is for those of you who need to lose more than 10 or 20 pounds. Jeremy knows a lot about this subject because he lost 130 pounds, so listen to what he says.

Jeremy reviews some of the cardio equipment you’ll find in a gym and explains how each can be of benefit to you in your weight loss.




In this video, one of my other favorite trainers on YouTube explains why you may not be losing weight.  Watch to find out the truth.  He does not pull any punches, which is why this is so valuable.




Here is a good explanation of the relation of cardio and weight loss. Michael talks about the person who does the treadmill at a slow pace for an hour, 6 days a week and wonders why they aren’t losing weight.  Watch and learn!!

In this video, Michael will explain what does work. HIIT.  An acronym you need to know and use.





As you have seen, there is pretty much consensus that High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to lose fat and do it effectively. There are different methods and techniques, but almost everyone agrees that the slow, methodical cardio (that you often see at the gym) is NOT going to get you the results that you want.

And as many of us believe, a strength training regimen is essential to any effective fat loss program.  You need a weight training program as the basis for any weight loss program.

Take the advice of these guys and you’ll have success in your weight loss goals.

Please comment below and let us know what you think and share any success or failures you have had.