Weight Lifting vs. Cardio – Which is Best For Fat Loss? Find Out Here.

This is a debate that’s been going on for a few decades. For many years, everyone assumed that you had to do massive cardio to lose weight.

Then there were some trainers that experienced something different and started to speak out about their experiences, ……which at the time went counter to the prevailing thought.  These trainers contradicted the only-cardio-will-work-for-weight-loss school of thought.  Additionally, research emerged that debunked this same belief.

In this post, we’re going to provide some videos with somewhat differing points of view on this subject, although there is one strong point of view of each of these trainers.



Let’s start with this video which is an overview of what the issues are.  This video comes down heavily on the side of strength training.   It proposes that strength training can beat the fat-burning effects of pure cardio.

The additional effect of pure cardio is that you will slowly lose Type II muscle fiber because you’re not stimulating it.  I don’t agree with everything they say in this video, especially the number of reps you should do when weight training, but they present a strong point of view.

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Gregory does a good job of explaining the different body types and why they look the way they do.

He describes how someone who only does cardio will not get “toned” like they think they will and in fact, will lose muscle definition if cardio is all they do.

He’s a proponent of strength training and you can look at him and see he knows how to gain muscle and stay lean.



In this video, Marc answers the question from a viewer and he details some concepts and ideas that others miss.  He’s a little rough around the edges, but he definitely knows what he’s talking about and has lots of experience in the field.  He does have an opinion!

He’s a little rough around the edges, but he definitely knows what he’s talking about and has lots of experience in the field.  He does have an opinion!

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Here is a guy who started his journey at 312 lbs. and he describes the different aspects of weight training and cardio that he employed to lose the massive amount of weight he lost.   He’s a down-to-earth guy and many of us can relate to his journey and challenges.

He has a little higher opinion of cardio than some of the other trainer’s videos that I’ve included in this article.

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As you can tell, I’ve included videos that propose that weight training is a better way to lose weight and fat than cardio.

I’m biased because that has been my experience and many of my clients experience.  I once was an avid runner and I was a skinny-fat person.  I had no muscle definition.  I was just skinny.  Not a great look, and not that healthy, to boot.

Weight training wins the argument, but cardio is not to be eliminated from your overall journey to be healthy. Each person must find the right balance that works for them.

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