William C Tucker
Me at the gym

Yep, That’s what folks call me, “W.”  I got that moniker during my short acting career in Hollywood from about 2011 to 2016.

I’ve had many careers, many using my architecture education and training as a basis.

I’ve developed subdivisions, built houses, sold cars, sold modular homessold exercise products on Amazon, and now I’m helping people get in shape so they can lead active, vibrant lives.

I’ve always had a passion for being in shape and trying to look and feel good.

I come from a family of healthy, active people who live interesting lives well into their 90’s.

My mother is , still lives alone and is active in her church and her community. She is my role model.  She’s a firecracker. Don’t make the mistake of calling her old.  She doesn’t think she’s old!

Film I was in Opened Austin Film Festival in 2014

So in my quest to stay fit and active, I thought, why not let others come along on my journey.  It’d be nice to have company on this journey.

I’m getting to the place in life that age is something I think about.

What’s it like getting older?

How will I deal with it? and What can I do to keep “young” and active?

One of the solutions is working out, eating healthily and staying active in my community.

I am going to share with you whatever I find out along the way.  If any of the tools and information are useful, then great.

I’ve tried lots of diets and workout routines and so I’m qualified to report all my experiences and am always exploring new ways to stay active and in shape.

The goal is to help us both lead healthy, active lives. One way to start is to try our basic workout.

Hopefully, along the way, we’ll discover the Fountain of Youth.

Feel free to contact me at wt@muscleandfitnessworkouts.com.

Let me know what you’re thinking and how you’re dealing with staying in shape as you get older

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