Muscle Building Workout – Which is the Best? (Secrets from 4 Trainers)

It’s a question everyone asks and so I’m using some trainer guests to show you four (4) muscle building workouts that you can use to design your own workout to gain muscle.

Some of these exercises will be great for you. Some may not work as well.

Try the ones that look interesting and build a routine from those. If you don’t like the routine you build, try another.  There are lots of options

You’ll never find the perfect workout, but you can find one that will suit your needs.  Don’t be afraid to use trial and error in your quest for a great routine.



Mike shows you a great muscle building workout.  He labels it for beginners because these eight (8) basic exercises should be considered to be included in all workouts.   All you need for these 8 exercises is a pair of medium weight dumbbells.

The best thing that Mike does is emphasize form and shows you exactly how to do an exercise and what NOT to do when you perform each exercise.




In this video, Jeff talks about all the reasons you’re NOT gaining muscle.  He has some great tips and points out the mistakes he made and thus, probably relate to what’s keeping you from gaining muscle.  I was inspired by this one to up my intensity in my workouts.





Here is a very smart guy who has done the research on how to gain muscle.  He outlines one of his “laws” of muscle building and does it so it’s very understandable and scientific, all at the same time. You may want to watch all 10 of his laws on YouTube.  He knows what he’s talking about.

One of the things I found very interesting was his suggestion of a way to work out that achieves more than just one goal:

  • Do 5 sets of each exercise.
  • Three (3) of those 5 will be in the hypertrophic range (increasing muscle size) of 6 to 12 reps,
  • one (1) will be in the strength gaining range of 5 or fewer reps and finally,
  • one (1) will be in the stamina building range of over 15 reps.

Watch and use this information in your muscle building routines.




Here is Vinnies’ Whole Body Workout for Beginners, which we all are at one time or another.

He was one of my first coaches so I am indebted to him for getting me started.  Nowadays, I don’t always agree with everything he promotes, but he definitely knows what to do for you to gain muscle.

This video will educate you about how to start if you’re trying to gain muscle, and it will show you seven (7) good exercises to start with.  He doesn’t believe in compound exercises for the beginner, so I’ll give him that, but compound exercises are very good to incorporate as you get a little experience.

He explains a lot about how to use the full range of motion (ROM) in an exercise so that you get the maximum benefit from that exercise.  Many guys at the gym do less than the full range of motion and are losing out on the amount of gain from doing the exercise.




If you watch all 4 videos and take a few notes when something looks good to you, you’ll be able to design a killer exercise routine that will help you gain muscle.

Please leave any comments below…….successes, failures, advice from your experience, whatever.   Thanks for reading and watching.

See you at the gym.