How To Get A Lean Body. 5 Secret Tips That You Need to Know

Have you always wondered how those guys with virtually no body fat and washboard abs get that way? Would you like to know some of the secrets of getting lean and mean? If you’ve been trying and not been successful, you are probably unaware of some of the things that you could do to increase […]

Lose Body Fat Gain Muscle? What’s Stopping You? 5 Mistakes You’re Making

This is a topic that a lot of guys think about. “Can I gain muscle while I’m losing fat?  If so, what is the formula for doing this?”  You definitely can do this. There are numerous misunderstandings of why you’re not losing weight and not gaining muscle.  The two are inextricably connected and that’s why we’re […]

Exercise Workout Routines. 8 Things That Can Sabotage Your Workouts.

Do you wonder why your workouts are not producing the results that you want? What’s Wrong? What are you doing to sabotage your workouts? There must be something that you can fix that will bring you the results that you want.  You are dedicated and it just seems like you should be seeing bigger muscles […]

How to Recover Faster From Workouts. 3 Tips & One BIG Secret

In the process of becoming a trainer, I learned a lot, and one of the things that I learned about was the recovery process that the body goes through after a workout.  It’s a science. What I learned about this process has helped me with my own workouts and has given me new insights into […]

How To Get Energy For A Workout? What are the Secrets?

Recently several clients have asked why they’re so tired before and during a workout……. why they can’t muster the energy to give it their all when they’re at the gym.  It’s a critical issue. If you don’t have the energy to work hard at the gym, you’re wasting your time. This article will address the EIGHT (8) […]

Workout MIstakes To Avoid. What Are The Biggest Mistakes I’m Making?

Sometimes you wonder why you’re not getting the muscle gains that you think you should be getting.  It could be something you’ve never thought of…….something you’re doing that never would have occurred to you that would impair your advancements. Here are four (4) videos from the best online trainers that may help you identify what […]

Why Am I Not Gaining Muscle? What Am I Doing Wrong?

You hit the gym at least 4 times a week.  You either get up an hour before you normally would so you can work out, or you skip happy hour with the gang to make sure you get your workout in. You are dedicated. You have downloaded a workout that sounds good, and you don’t […]

Foods to Eat Before A Workout. What are the Best? What Should I NOT Eat?

This is something that everyone wonders about.  It’s something that I used to be very ignorant about so I would ask all my fellow workout partners what they ate before a workout. I had no idea what worked and what didn’t. Since then, I have now done the research and can answer intelligently. We’ll answer […]

Workouts for Men Over 40 – Does Sports Count? Is It a Good Idea?

Is playing soccer, football or rugby on Saturday morning something that a guy over 40 should consider? Is playing a sport considered a workout for men over 40?  Is it a good idea? What about Basketball? Lacrosse? Baseball?  Football?  Wrestling? Should a guy over 40 be participating in contact sports? Of course, you know my answer.  […]

Anti Aging Exercise. What Is It? Does it Work?

Do you believe there are ways to slow aging?  What are they?  Exercise? Diet?  Yoga? Hormone therapy? There are a lot of people out there promoting their system to stop and reverse aging.  It’s overwhelming sometimes because so many of them are passionate about their solution/technique/pill/drink/exercise and you have no idea if it’s legit or […]