Chest Exercises for Men – Which are the Best?

Men love to have big chests.  It’s one of those things that can make you look good, help you achieve that big upper body look and make you feel like a stud. If you’ve got a big chest and big arms, almost nothing else matters. That is the thinking of a lot of guys and […]

Circuit Training for Weight Loss – What You Need to Know

Circuit training is a very beneficial type of training that combines cardio and strength training to help you burn calories while you pack on the muscles.  Kind of amazing…..right? Sound too good to be true?  Well, it is not the easiest of exercise programs, but it definitely will give you a great workout and you’ll get […]

Exercises Resistance Bands – Which Exercises Will Buiild Muscle?

Resistance band exercises may seem like the kind of exercises that won’t help you get in shape and gain muscle.  You may think of them for weaklings,.. not men who are interested in building muscle.  THINK AGAIN. You’re just not doing the RIGHT resistance band exercises. Resistance bands may not weigh much, but unlike weights, […]

Water Exercise Workouts – Are they For You?

There’s a new wave of water workouts taking over gyms in the many areas of the country, especially the northeast. More gyms around the country are offering water exercise classes, getting people in the pool and signing up for a challenging workout. Now, don’t start thinking this is a bunch of seniors in a pool barely moving and obviously […]