Workouts for Men Over 40 – Does Sports Count? Is It a Good Idea?

Is playing soccer, football or rugby on Saturday morning something that a guy over 40 should consider? Is playing a sport considered a workout for men over 40?  Is it a good idea? What about Basketball? Lacrosse? Baseball?  Football?  Wrestling? Should a guy over 40 be participating in contact sports? Of course, you know my answer.  […]

Anti Aging Exercise. What Is It? Does it Work?

Do you believe there are ways to slow aging?  What are they?  Exercise? Diet?  Yoga? Hormone therapy? There are a lot of people out there promoting their system to stop and reverse aging.  It’s overwhelming sometimes because so many of them are passionate about their solution/technique/pill/drink/exercise and you have no idea if it’s legit or […]