The following videos take on the subject of cardio vs. weights.

There are continuing discussions of whether cardio is essential to your overall health, or could you just use a weight lifting program to give you everything you need to get and stay in shape.

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I’d be interested in your view of the cardio vs. weight lifting discussion.  Some of you have already weighted in.


  1. Hey there! It would actually be super helpful if you included a short description of key topics/points of each video so that a guest could easily scan the list and pick out the videos that are most relevant to them – just a suggestion. 🙂 As far as cardio vs. weights goes – I’m a recent cardio bunny to weights convert and the results speak for themselves! Weights along with a proper diet trump cardio tenfold! Thanks for the post!

    • You know, I shoulda done that ……include a little description of each. Thanks for that feedback. I’ll make sure I do that from now on.

      Does the video format appeal to you more than a written blog post? I was using this post as a gauge as to what appealed to people more. I know, for me, I like videos better than reading…..sometimes.

      Yes, for me, weights works better than cardio for me. Now when I was doing boot camp, I think I got great cardio, but I can’t just go for a run or use a treadmill.

      Thnaks for the comments.

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