So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to get in shape, no matter what. And you are NOT going to join a gym or any other paid facility.  If you can’t do it at home, it’s not gonna happen!

It’s a great decision!

I have designed a program for you, one that you’ll be able to stick to and that will get you results.

Lets GO.


Let’s start with the establishing some expectations.

Do you expect to get Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club? ….in a couple of weeks?  I guess we both know that ain’t gonna happen.  You might never get there.

So, a realistic expectation is based on how hard you’re willing to work at it, how many days a week you’re willing to commit, and how well you eat to support your working out.

You can dramatically change your body if you commit to working out consistently and intensely. Besides the workout, you’ll need to address what you eat.

To get all the information you’ll need to support your new at-home workout routine, go to Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 50 .  Having a good eating plan is essential to pair with your new home routine.



If you’re faithful and consistent in doing these exercises (and adhere to the eating plan outlined in the above-referenced web page), you’ll start to notice a difference in your body.

Consistency is the key to most workout programs.  Most athletes will tell you that you won’t make any progress if you don’t consistently stick to a program.  This doesn’t mean you can’t take a day or an occasional week off, but you can’t do any program on and off and expect to see any results.

First, you have to commit to doing a workout routine.  One way to show your commitment is to put your workout time on your calendar like a business appointment and then, stick to it.  That is essential.  You need to think of your workout as an appointment as important as a scheduled meeting with your boss or a client.

A good way to start your new workout routine is to start slow.  Don’t go full steam the first day.  You’ll get discouraged and not continue.  Everything that lasts starts slow.  You’ve heard of the tortoise and the hare.  OK, think tortoise.  You’re gonna be doing this the rest of your life…….if you’re serious and want to live a vibrant, active life.


The following exercises, that you can do at home, will get you on the path to being a better you.  Looking better and feeling better, physically as well as mentally.

Mental is a big part of any exercise program.  We all know this, but sometimes forget that the mental part of exercising is the most important determinant of success. When you understand this, you’ll be going in the right direction to succeed.


OK, time to look at the exercises that are gonna get you a great body while working out at home.



  • Lie flat on your stomach with your arms straight out in front of you.
  • Raise your arms and feet off the floor, keeping your core flat on the ground.
  • Hold the raised position for three seconds and then lower your arms and feet back to the floor.


2.  PUSH UP 

A great tutorial on pushups and the correct way to do them, even if you aren’t strong enough at this point to do one in the traditional prone position. There is more than one version.  You start with the easier ones and build yourself up and then you can progress to the harder ones.

Some of the mistakes folks make in doing a pushup are shown.  A common one is to have your elbows flared.  You should keep your elbows tucked in as much as possible.  This is not what you normally see, but is the proper way to do a pushup and get the most out of it with the least chance of injury.



A great tutorial on how to do pull ups at home.  You will need an inexpensive doorway bar to do pull ups at home.

Get one here on Amazon or at your local sporting goods store.  It’s a great, inexpensive investment in your health and fitness. It’s the only piece of equipment that you’ll need for this workout routine.



Pay attention to what Scott says about keeping your back flat….no arching, and to actually squeeze your glutes (your butt) when you get to the top.

This is glute-only exercise. If you feel like you’re working other muscles, you are doing it wrong and should watch this again and listen to what Scott says. He knows what he’s talking about.


5, PLANK – Front & Side

This is a great video showing front and side planks.  It shows many of the common mistakes that beginners make.  A plank done incorrectly is fairly useless.  It’s gotta be done right.

The video also shows beginner, hard and very hard versions.  Planks are a GREAT core developer and will assist you in doing other exercises.




This is a very detailed description of how to do a crunch.  It shows common mistakes to avoid and the different levels of difficulty.



Jeff shows all the WRONG ways to perform this exercise, and then the RIGHT way so it’s clear how you can get the best results from this exercise.

In all exercises, if you do them properly with the correct form, you will get the most out of the exercise with the least chance of injury.



Simple explanation and demonstration.  This is a fantastic exercise for increasing your lower strength and preventing you from getting injured in doing other exercises that are more focused on smaller muscle groups.


9. Front Lunge 

Dr. John does a great job of describing exactly what NOT to do when doing a forward lunge and then shows how to do it correctly.

If you are not able to do this correctly to the exact form he demonstrates, then he shows an alternative – the Reverse Lunge.  As you build up your strength and flexibility, you can progress from the reverse lunge back to the forward lunge.



A really good simple explanation of how to do leg raises properly.  Again, pay attention to the form – keeping your back on the floor and not going too low with your legs so that your back is not overly stretched.



The dreaded, cursed Burpee is the last exercise in our home workout. It’s tough, but it will get you in shape quickly. It works many parts of your body and includes a cardio workout as a bonus.

There are several variations of the Burpee and differing opinions as to how it should be best done.  Any version of the Burpee will benefit you.

This video shows the basic Burpee.  Once you get this version down, you can progress to more difficult variations.

One way to make a Burpee more difficult is to simply do more of them.  Try doing 20 Burpees.  Then 30.  That’ll challenge you!

I’m also attaching this video which shows a different approach to the Burpee.  It uses more of your legs and less of your back.

So there you have two (2) versions of the toughest exercise in this routine.



There you have eleven (11) exercises which will give you a balanced workout for your whole body.

If you do all eleven of these 2 or 3 times a week, you’ll start to see some changes in your stamina, your weight, and your musculature.   I promise.

Home workouts can be right for a lot of people.  You have to be a little more motivated than the guy who just goes to the gym, but it will save you time and moneya if you are able to consistently work out at home.

In some cities, you’ll find parks that are outfitted with the basic outdoor equipment that you can use to do all of these exercises.  These are great in good weather and when you need a change from working out in your living room.

So, commit to starting this week.  Schedule your workouts.  Put each workout on your calendar. Tell your family not to bother you during your workout time.   You are on the path to feeling better and looking younger, not to mention gaining a ton of new self-confidence.

Tell me how this is working for you…..or isn’t working for you.  I welcome all comments.

Published by "W" Tucker

I've been a fitness enthusiast for many years and want to encourage guys over 40 to get and stay in shape. It makes life better, and makes you look and feel better.

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  1. You can’t have good home workout without push ups 😉 How about adding inclined and declined push ups to target different areas of the chest? How about adding some dumb bells to the equation for the lunges to make them more challenging .Lets not forget about the specifics of nutrition. Many fitness gurus will tell you it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

    1. Kevin, you are right on all your points.  The video does show an inclined push up for folks who can’t do too many of the prone ones. 

      Yes, adding dumbbells is a great idea to make lunges more challenging.  I was trying to compose a workout that didn’t require much, if any, equipment, but a couple of dumbbells would be useful for lots of home exercises. 

      Thanks for your comments. You obviously know what you’re talking about.   

  2. Excellent programme. I special like how much stress is on the deep muscles. Personally, I think they are very underestimated basic of all things. From me too in many years.
    So that is one of the main reason I like your programme so much.
    Are you agree with me about the deep muscles?

    1. yes I certainly agree.  the deep muscles are necessary for preventing injury, maintaining good posture and balance.  We sometimes concentrate on the muscles that people see – biceps, chest, etc. 

      thanks for the comments

  3. These are all great bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight workouts are my favorite because you can do them anytime and anywhere. Push ups and the dreaded burpee are two of my favorites. I like to use an interval timer with bodyweight exercises. I pick out a few I want to do and create a circuit with them. All of the ones listed on this page can be combined to create an awesome bodyweight circuit.

    1. Eartha, thanks for the comments, you have a great idea to combine a few of these in a circuit.   that way you get the best of both worlds – strength training and cardio. 

  4. great post, i need some of these exercises as i cant always get to the gym and i like how most of them dont require any equipment , the video tutorials were very helpful. leg raises always leave my abs burning! I haven’t tried the others so i will try them and see what results i’ll get!

    1. Emma, thanks for the feedback and so glad you found them useful  I often workout in my hotel room when I’m traveling and you really don’t need any weights to get a great workout.  Good luck to you and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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