Look at the people around you right now.  What do you see?

Slim, fit people with flat stomachs and washboard abs? NO!

Probably not,….. unless you live in West Hollywood or are at a bodybuilder competition.

Most of the folks you’re looking at right now are not in good shape, and maybe even worse.  More than a third of our population is obese.  Very depressing.


best abs workout for men

Even so, there are a LOT of articles out there about how to get a 6-pack, and it seems that everyone would like to have a 6 pack.

Most of the people I see every day should start with getting down to normal size. That would be a great start!  It’s rare nowadays to see someone in great shape……no matter what age.

Here, we’re going to explore the ways to get a flat belly and MAYBE, a 6 pack, but you’ve got to know it AIN’T easy.


There are TWO things you’re gonna have to do to get a flat belly and eventually a Six Pack.





Yep, this is the most important thing you’re gonna have to do to get a flat belly and a six pack.  It’s the most sobering part of what it takes. Sobering because no one wants to do this.

If you think that working out intensely will get you a six pack, you are sorely mistaken.  You may develop a six pack, but it’ll be hidden. Everyone wants to believe that you can work

Everyone wants to believe that you can work REALLY hard and get a six pack.  WRONG!  It is part of the formula, but it’s not even the most important part.

A six pack is made in the kitchen! (I stole that from someone)

Your diet will be the most important part of getting a flat belly and a six pack.

Everyone’s got abs.  You just can’t see them for all the layers of fat covering them up.  Once you get rid of some of that fat, you’ll be able to see your abs, and then, it’ll just be working them out to get them more defined.



Here are the basic exercises that will get you a defined midsection.  You’ll have to do at least three of them three (3) times a week.  Five (5) times a week would be better.  There’s no slouching when it comes to getting a six pack.  It’s gotta be a commitment.  You really gotta WANT a six pack.

And don’t worry about working out your abs more than twice a week (the rule for other muscles)  You really can’t over-exercise your abdominals.

You also should not do the same exercises every time you work out.  Vary them, and you’ll get better results. You also need to make sure your form is perfect or else you’ll be working some other body part than your abdominals.




Lie on your back and “pedal” in the air.

Raise one shoulder as if trying to touch the opposite knee.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Keep your elbows back, and your lower back on the floor.





Keep your arms at your sides, palms down.

Use your abs to lift your legs, bringing your knees directly over your hips.

Now raise your hips and lower back off the mat, knees toward your face.

Hold briefly before lowering back to the mat. Don’t let your feet touch the floor.






This move starts with your feet on a stability ball, hand on the floor.

Now walk your hands forward until you form a rigid plank, ankles resting on the ball.

Slowly, tuck your knees into your chest.

Hold briefly, then slowly return to a plank position.




Lie on your back, with your knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart.

Raise your hips off the ground. Press your heels into the floor.

Avoid arching your back. Your body should be a straight line from your head to your knees.

     Inhale and slowly lower yourself back to the ground.




Lie on your left side, placing your left elbow on the floor directly under your shoulder.

Keep your legs straight, with your right leg resting directly on top of the left one.

Raise your hips and knees. Keep your left foot in contact with the floor.

Hold for 5 to 20 seconds.  Then switch sides.

(This is a harder version of the straight plank)




Kneel on floor or mat.
Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip.
Position the barbell near the front of your knees and lean over with your arms extended downward.
With your arms straight, roll out as far as possible.
                                                                   Lower yourself slowly to the floor extending your arms forward.
   Raise your body back up by flexing your hips and pulling your arms back to the original position.




Watch this video to learn an important element of your ab routine.


This concentration on the actual muscle you’re working is something that is often forgotten, or not known. It’s essential to your success in getting a flat stomach and nice abs.

BTW.  This applies to ALL your exercises.  If you don’t actually think about (concentrate on) the muscle you’re working, you’re only doing half an exercise.  You won’t get the results you could if you just engaged your mind in concentrating on the muscle your working.



To get a flat belly and eventually a six pack, you’ll start by taking a good hard look at your diet to see if you’ll need to make some modifications so that you’ll be able to get your body fat down below 12%.  That’s what it takes.

Go through your fridge and panty and throw out everything that you should not be eating.  No temptations are allowed when you’re aiming for a six pack.  It takes dedication.

Then at the same time you’re eating right and losing any extra fat around your middle, you’ll be working your abs with the exercises above.

It’s simple but it AIN’T Easy!!

Published by "W" Tucker

I've been a fitness enthusiast for many years and want to encourage guys over 40 to get and stay in shape. It makes life better, and makes you look and feel better.

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  1. Excellent article! I will definitely try some of these exercises. I really like how you broke down and explained each of the exercises. I will also do my best to modify my diet. It’s true that if you are eating unhealthy, you will never be able to get abs because of the layer of fat above the abs. I never thought about that until now. Thank you for sharing this information. It is very helpful to me and I’m sure for many others as well.

    1. thanks for the comments. I always like it when I help someone.  that’s my goal…..to help folks get in great shape and look good at the same time.  

  2. Nice article. Very informative. I like that there are illustrations to help people see exactly how to do the exercises.
    I have been trying to maintain a slim waist, but really have no abs to show. I need to work harder in the kitchen! I will also take some of your exercises and add them to my weight routine. Is it best to work abs at the beginning or end of a weight workout?

    1. thanks for the comments.  I usually pick one or two ab exercises and do them at the end of my workout, but you will hear a varying number of opinions on that subject.  One of my fellow trainers does abs on his weight workout “days off.”  He feels like you need to concentrate on your abs and it’s too much to add at the end or beginning of a workout.   

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