Best Ab Workouts for Men – Five Videos You Gotta Watch

The one body part that we all seem to be obsessed with is our stomach, …or ABS

I get asked all the time about how do I get a six pack.

I will refer you to my last article in which one of the most unrealistic fitness goals is getting a six pack, but it IS possible and it WILL set you apart from 99.9% of the population.

I’m highlighting FIVE (5) VIDEOS that give you the necessary information you need to get a six pack.


This first video is from one of my favorite YouTubers – the alpha male.  Aaron has a great channel for men and he tells it like it is in this video.   He claims that abs are overrated, and he’s right because as he points out, it’s one of the hardest things to make happen.

BUT, if you really do want abs, watch the next two videos – both by Aaron.


And to follow up the first video, here in the second video Aaron describes the details of how to get abs.

He takes us to the gym to show us his Four (4) favorite exercises that work for him, and he is proof. He has an awesome six pack.

What you need to notice is the perfect form you must have to make sure you’re working your abs and not all your other muscles.  I think a lot of guys don’t understand how strict your form must be to make sure you are working just your abs.



Steve is a little bit of an older trainer who knows what he’s talking about.  in this third video, he shows 5 exercises necessary to get great abs.

He’s one of the guys I often rely on for inspiration and advice.  Here is a 7-minute video that shows a remarkable 22-day routine that promises to get you a fit stomach and a strong core.

His workouts are designed so anyone can follow the exercises.  You adjust them according to your current level of fitness.  He calls it extinction – the point at which you can’t do anymore. When you can’t do anymore, you go to the next exercise.  If you complete the number of reps he recommends, then you have to add more.  It’s about always being challenged.



This fourth video concentrates on one of the most important things necessary to get a six pack – YOUR DIET.

Like Aaron, Steve tells it like it is about getting a six pack.  He pulls no punches about what’s necessary and details the 5 steps that he knows are necessary to get a six pack.

He has some interesting advice.  You’ll be surprised by some of his advice.  Make sure to watch all the way through.

This video is a little long (13 minutes) but well worth it. If you’re serious about a six pack, you have to watch this one.



In this fifth video, Mario, another one of those honest trainers, doesn’t lie about what it takes to get a six pack. He lays out the details of what it takes and goes through some of the math.

He lays it out and shows that body fat is the real culprit in getting a six pack.  Again, it’s shown that it’s not about your exercises, but your diet.

Mario says you have to get to 10% body fat before you abs will show.  That ain’t easy and it takes some commitment over six months.  Yep, SIX MONTHS.  So, don’t believe all those get ripped in 3-week programs.  They’re just lying to you.

This video is also long (14 minutes), but the advice is valuable if you really want to get abs.  Mario knows how to help.




If you watch these five (5) videos and do what they tell you to do, you will get a six pack. That’s the truth, but the hard part is watching the videos and doing what they say is necessary to get abs. These three (3) trainers know how to get abs and don’t lie to you about what it takes.

There are many, many videos out there that promise you can get abs in 10 days with only 5 minutes of exercise a day.

Just google “how to get a six pack” and you’ll see all the scams out there.  Please IGNORE those guys.  They’re lying to you.

Listen to the guys like Aaron, Steve and Mario who are honest in their advice.  Listen to them and you can’t go wrong.