Anti Aging Exercise. What Is It? Does it Work?

Do you believe there are ways to slow aging?  What are they?  Exercise? Diet?  Yoga? Hormone therapy? There are a lot of people out there promoting their system to stop and reverse aging.  It’s overwhelming sometimes because so many of them are passionate about their solution/technique/pill/drink/exercise and you have no idea if it’s legit or […]

Best Cardio for Weight Loss. What Is It?

Everyone wants to know what’s the best way to lose weight, and besides the obvious answer of adjusting your diet and working out, the next question is:  Which is the best cardio for weight loss? For the answer, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s not an easy question to answer but there is one […]

Body Weight Training vs Weight Training – Which is Best?

There are differing opinions on the subject of body weight training vs. weight training. Here are 4 videos with some differing viewpoints on this subject.  It’s a great topic to discuss because there are people on both sides of the aisle.  You might even want to try some of these body weight exercises yourself and […]

Chest Exercises for Men – Which are the Best?

Men love to have big chests.  It’s one of those things that can make you look good, help you achieve that big upper body look and make you feel like a stud. If you’ve got a big chest and big arms, almost nothing else matters. That is the thinking of a lot of guys and […]

Best Warm Up Exercises – Are they Important? Why?

It’s so easy to skip a warm up before your workout.  I used to actively ignore warming up because I thought it was a complete waste of time.  I was the guy at boot camp who refused to warm up. I thought it was a complete waste of time. So is it a waste of […]

Weight Lifting Training – 9 Myths Debunked

The myths that surround weight lifting are numerous.  These myths have developed over the years, and are hard to dispel. I’m going to explore some of them here.  There are many more than the ones listed here, but these are the most common and misunderstood ones.   I’ll Get Too Big If I Lift Weights […]

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat – Here are Tips To Achieve That!

Typically a guy will eat a lot, work out hard at the gym and gain muscle.  This is called BULKING. Then, he’ll go on a caloric deficit diet and lose fat to reveal his muscles.  This is CUTTING.  Is it possible to do both at the same time? Let’s explore this topic by engaging some […]

Weight Lifting vs. Cardio – Which is Best For Fat Loss? Find Out Here.

This is a debate that’s been going on for a few decades. For many years, everyone assumed that you had to do massive cardio to lose weight. Then there were some trainers that experienced something different and started to speak out about their experiences, ……which at the time went counter to the prevailing thought.  These […]

Circuit Training for Weight Loss – What You Need to Know

Circuit training is a very beneficial type of training that combines cardio and strength training to help you burn calories while you pack on the muscles.  Kind of amazing…..right? Sound too good to be true?  Well, it is not the easiest of exercise programs, but it definitely will give you a great workout and you’ll get […]

Muscle Building Workout – Which is the Best? (Secrets from 4 Trainers)

It’s a question everyone asks and so I’m using some trainer guests to show you four (4) muscle building workouts that you can use to design your own workout to gain muscle. Some of these exercises will be great for you. Some may not work as well. Try the ones that look interesting and build […]